Organic Acids Test

Metametrics Laboratories

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This organic acid test measures more than 55 organic compound levels in urine produced by the body as part
of many vital biochemical pathways. A defect in a particular pathway can result in either accumulated or
reduced levels of its byproducts. Thus, measuring these markers can help identify the compromised or
impaired metabolic process.

Test results categorize organic acids into major metabolic areas and concerns:

✔ Gastrointestinal dysbiosis or yeast and bacterial overgrowth markers

✔ Energy production

✔ Carbohydrates, protein, and fat metabolism

✔ Nutritional imbalances and methylation indicators

✔ Detoxification or toxic exposure

✔ Neurotransmitter metabolites

Clinical Indications

    1. Identify metabolic disruptions resulting from nutritional imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, gut dysbiosis, poor
      detoxification, toxin exposure, and oxidative stress.
    2. Check for rare genetic defects of metabolism, commonly as a follow-up test for positive newborn screen result.


Methodology: LC-MS/MS

Specimen: 20 ml midstream urine (24-hour or first morning)

Turnaround Time: 10 working days from receipt of sample

Specimen Viability: Store at -20ºC (freezer) upon collection and ship on ice. Stable for 3 months.

Patient Preparation:

- Limit water intake to 8 glasses on the day of collection.

- Avoid high intake of apples, grapes (or raisins), pears, cranberries, or their juices for 2 days prior to specimen collection.

- Stop supplementation 3 days before urine collection.

-If supplements cannot be stopped, or if patient has taken antibiotic 30 days before the test, please talk to your healthcare practitioner