Cleansing plus

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Expertly formulated with natural high-performing ingredients, the Cleansing Plus is here to kickstart for a healthy gut. Regulate a healthy bowel movement, boost your weight loss journey, improve your skin, or your overall energy with the Cleansing Plus.

SimplyNature Cleansing Plus comes handy to your daily diet. This tasty 4 in 1 functional drink comprises of soluble fibre, insoluble fibre, pro-biotic and pre-biotic fortified with antioxidant rich fruit extracts and enzyme rich vegetable powder. It's packed with the perfect blend of organic natural ingredients to cleanse and detox your body daily giving you that clean, light body.

Cleansing Plus Mixed Berries - NutriEssencia PH

Natural and Organic Ingredients

Fortified with antioxidants rich fruit extract and enzymes

Regulate healthy bowel movement

Formulated by Experts

How It Works

With 100% all natural and organic ingredients, Simply Nature Cleansing Plus will maintain your body cleansed from daily toxins. There will be no pain, dehydrations, or other side effects at all.


  • Regulate healthy bowel movement
  • Support weight loss
  • Improve health of skin
  • Increase overall energy level
  • Reduce Bad Breath
  • Regulate PMS

How To Use

Simply mix 1 sachet into a glass of water and drink before you sleep.  After 8 hours, you'll flush out all those toxins.

It's recommended to take 1 sachet per day for 15 days or if there is constipation.


Psyllium Seed Husk Powder

Oat Fiber Powder

Mixed Vegetables Powder

Fructo-oli gosaccharides Powder

Guar Gum Powder

Apple Powder

Mixed Berries Powder

Passion Fruit Powder 

Citric Acid Powder

Fructose Powder

Chlorophyll Powder


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